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Our MissionTo be the best offshore and oil service partner to our clients, investors and employees.
To surpass our competitors with diversity of services, fleet size, technology and expertise.
To provide services with the highest degree of professionalism, integrity and dedication.
Safety of individuals and care of the environment is always a priority for Maridive Group.

Our Strategies Continuously upgrade our fleet and equipment to meet international market trends.
Attract, recruit and retain highly qualified managers and personnel.
Endeavour to get high fleet utilization rates by securing long-term contracts.
Geographical expansion and constant growth is our key strategy, to maximize profitability.

Core valuesContinuously improving Maridive Group’s corporate governance to motivate highly dedicated managers and personnel.

Maridive Group strives to maintain an excellent reputation with partners and clients with its commitment to high work ethics, integrity and innovative solutions.

Scope of ServicesMaridive Group has an integrated business model which covers the whole value chain of marine services. We provide a wide range of Offshore Support Vessels (OSV) and Offshore Construction Services (OCS) which keeps us at a competitive advantage.

Company Overview

Maridive Group is the largest company providing offshore marine and oil support services in Egypt and the largest regionally, in terms of fleet size.

Maridive was founded in 1978 by Capt. Issa Eleish, Mr. Magdy Zeid and Mr. Maged Nadim. Thanks to their great experience and commitment, the company started with one marine unit and grew until the present, holding over 65 marine units, becoming one of the largest marine and oil service companies in the world.

The company was established in 1978 in Port Said as a Free Zone Joint Stock company. Maridive Group has expanded over the years together with its subsidiaries Maridive Offshore Projects, Maritide and Valentine Maritime and now has a strong reputation for excellence and efficiency in the offshore oil and gas services fields. We have a long track record with our loyal customers and the company’s goal is to continue to diversify with a global footprint.

Our Fleet

Maridive Group in Egypt manages our fleet in the Mediterranean and Red Seas, North and West Africa, Caspian Sea, and Latin America (Venezuela and Brasil). Also, management of India and Far East activities. Logistical Support to Maridive offshore activities is provided by Maridive Onshore bases in Alexandria, Port Said, Ras Shukheir, Abu Rudies, Al Tor Harbour, Abu Dhabi and Al Khafgi (KSA).

latest News

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  • Increasing in Fuel Prices in Egypt has no impact to our COGS as we buy Fuel... Read More

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  • Changes at the top

    June 2013

    Dr Tarek Nadim became chairman and managing director of Maridive after Captain Issa.... Read More

  • Fleet Expansion

    November 2013

    As for our fleet, it has been upgraded with three new vessels that have been added in 2013 to meet new market demands.

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First IPO was in 2008


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