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EPCI contracts ( Engineering, Procurement, Construction& Installation)

As Part of Maridive Group, Maridive offshore projects Has various resources including but not limited to:

  • Marine units for construction support :
    • Construction /Crane /Accommodation Barges
    • Anchor Handling Supply ( AHTS) Vessels
    • Diving Support vessels
  • Diving Spread including both Air & Saturation Diving capabilities
  • Construction Yards & stores
  • Construction equipment ( welding machine / compressors/Generators…etc)
  • Cranes & Fork lifts with different capacities
  • Installation engineering Support
  • Project management & know how


Such unique capabilities & resources compared to similar contactors in the oil & gas market in the MENA (Middle East & North Africa) area makes MOP well suited for the medium & large scale EPCI ( Engineering , procurement, construction & installation) projects.

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