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The Group

Company Purpose

The purpose of the company is to carry out in the free zones of the Arab Republic of Egypt all marine works from services, maintenance, installations, construction, and salvage, whether under the surface of the water or outside it, and works related to industrial services for marine and terrestrial facilities such as cleaning, maintenance, construction, installations, transportation, supplying and supplying all necessary equipment and associated spare parts.
The company may own, rent, and lease boats, locomotives, marine winches, supply ships, shipping, and all marine equipment to work in regional waters and outside and provide them with the necessary equipment and spare parts.
The company may also have an interest or participate in any way with individuals and companies that practice similar businesses or may cooperate with it to achieve its purpose. Activities included in its purposes. The company may also engage in salvage operations and industrial services for marine facilities such as cleaning, maintenance, construction, transportation, and supplying those facilities with the necessary equipment, supplies, and spare parts in the territorial waters. This should be outside the scope of the land and water surface of the Egyptian ports, all with the approval of the General Authority for Investment and Free Zones.

General Assembly of Shareholders:

  1. Each shareholder has the right to attend the general assembly of shareholders by way of principal or proxy. For the validity of the proxy, it is stipulated that it be established by a written power of attorney or authorization. A shareholder who is not a member of the board of directors may not delegate a member of the board of directors on his behalf to attend the general assembly. A shareholder may not represent in the company’s general assembly meeting, through a proxy, a number of votes exceeding 10% of the total shares that make up the company’s capital, and not exceeding 20% ​​of the shares represented in the meeting.
  2. The company is currently using modern communication techniques and electronic means of communication during the holding of general assemblies meetings, and records them and presents them to those who wish to participate.
  3. Board members are elected by cumulative voting and proportional capital representation