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Offshore Support Vessels (OSV)

  • Maridive owns and operates its own fleet as well as other parties fleet
  • Chartering and management of Offshore support vessels for all OSV types
  • Our OSV fleets consists of AHTS, AHT, DSV, PSV, Multi Purpose vessel, Mooring boats and Barges (The new-building AHTS are fitted with Dynamic Positioning Systems Class 2 or 1 as well as with Fire Fighting system Class 1)
  • Our activities includes:-
    • Anchor handling.
    • Offshore rig supplying
    • Oil Spill Recovery
    • Accommodation for divers and personnel
    • Fire-fighting
    • Providing safety and emergency response services
    • Supporting offshore construction projects
    • Marine salvage
    • Towing Operation


Maridive fleet currently comprises (49) marine units, details are as follows:

  • (29) Anchor handling towing supply vessel
  • (5) AHT
  • (2) Tug supply vessel
  • (5) Diving support vessel
  • (1) Multi Purpose
  • (7) Mooring Boat

As a result of deep water exploration the requirement for offshore service vessels have significantly changed over the past years as oil activities have expanded to deep waters. Moreover sub-sea activities have increased considerably. This development, combined with an increased focus on safety of operations and high standard of performance, have been the main drivers for the technological development of the vessels.



Vessel Chartering

Maridive are owner/operators of a fleet consisting of 50 Marine units including AHTS, AHT, PSV, DSV, Multi-purpose vessels, Mooring boats and Barges which are chartered to all major oil companies both in Egypt as well as International market.

Maridive Vessels employ latest technological advancement for dynamic positioning as well as updated vessels design.


Marine fire fighting

Most Maridive Anchor Handling vessels and Towing tugboats are equipped with the latest fire-fighting equipment in the industry, and are able to deliver 1200m3/hour of water to fight fires of Offshore Rig, Platforms, and / or vessels.



Maridive is a member of the ISU (International Salvage Union) and performs various salvage activities including but not limited to towing of casualties, refloating, cargo recovery, fire fighting, etc.

As well as a qualified teams and personnel, Maridive offers the added advantage to Salvage Operation of having diving teams, inspections teams, R.O.V. Services.


Oil Spill recovery

Most of Maridive Units are equipped with spray booms for Oil Spill fighting and Maridive has purchased the last technology of Mechanical Oil Spill Recovery from Norway. Maridive has history in participating in international joint oil spill simulation exercises.