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Maridive is considered one of the biggest companies in the Middle East characterized by its high standard policy and expertise in the field of Maritime and Oil services (offshore marine services – underwater diving activities – offshore projects). In order to sustain its success, facing the challenge of a competitive business environment, Maridive has adopted and implemented an outstanding Integrated Management System, meeting the Document of Compliance (DOC) Egypt, Belize, Panama, and Tunisia start 1999, and the latest edition of international standard ISO 9001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 50001:2018 requirements which is certified ISO 9000 since 1996. By applying this system, Maridive has experienced a tremendous improvement in efficiency by implementing ongoing monitoring measures and control procedures, always striving for customer satisfaction and providing Services to our customers that exceed their expectations while protecting and securing People, Assets, and Information and minimizing the impact on the environment.


According to the Guide to Maritime Security & the ISPS code each vessel in Maridive’s fleet is holding on board a confidential Ship Security Plan (SSP) developed according to each vessel’s design and specifications. Such a security plan is duly approved by the vessel’s flag state. Also, each vessel is holding an ISPS certificate after a successful security audit carried out by Det Norske Veritas (DNV) Bureau Veritas (BV) American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), and Bureau Veritas (BV) which are the authorized classification societies by the flag of each ship, to carry out such security audits, to verify compliance with the approved ship security plan and with the code as well issue and maintain the vessels ISPS certificates. Such a certificate is an essential official document at all ports as it proves the vessel’s compliance with the Guide to Maritime Security & the ISPS code and accordingly the vessel can operate at any port as its security plan regulates the security relation and interaction between ship and port for different security levels according to different circumstances as well secure the vessel and crew or personnel onboard while operating or transiting any high-risk areas.


Excellence in HSE

Excellence in Occupational Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) management are one of the foundations of our vision to be an innovative company, offering our customers preferred safety solutions.

Maridive Group is committed to managing health, safety, and environmental (HSE) matters as an integral part of our business. We believe all occupational illnesses; workplace injuries and environmental incidents are preventable and Maridive will never compromise HSE standards and procedures. We will adopt a strict policy on safety to avoid any undesirable accidents or injuries. Employees have the right to stop any task or operation where they perceive a risk to people, environment, or assets is not being properly controlled without repercussion.

Maridive Group is complying with all international conventions, laws, and regulations and implements programs and procedures to assure compliance. Strict compliance with HSE standards will be a key ingredient in the training and performance reviews of all employees. We will minimize risk and ensure that risk assessments are conducted for current facilities and practices as well as changes to existing processes and activities for new projects.



Maridive Group has DOC (Document of Compliance) since 1999 and all vessels have their SMC (Safety Management Certificate).