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The Group - Corporate Governance

The sustainable development goals and Egypt's Vision 2030 demand a transformation in the financial, economic, and political systems that govern our society today, to guarantee the rights of all. Achieving these goals requires political will and ambitious actions by all stakeholders.

The Maridive believes in the importance of the role it plays at the societal level, not only by transforming into a sustainable institution that takes the three dimensions of sustainability (environmental, societal, and governance) as a basic guide for each of its daily decisions and strategic directions, but we also believe that our role extends to include leadership and influence in the sector. The private sector to become a more sustainable sector.

 On the internal level of the institution, Maridive takes into consideration the dimensions of preserving the environment in its daily operations and aims to reduce the environmental impacts of these operations by adopting sustainable environmental policies and procedures to reduce the consumption of resources such as electricity, water, and paper, in addition to establishing mechanisms to reduce emissions and manage waste.

 The employees of the Maridive are treated fairly and equally without any discrimination based on religion, gender, or any other factor. Our approach is to provide equal opportunity to all, and that is why we apply the principle of "right person in the right position", "equal pay for equal work" "merit-based rewards" and the "empowerment of women" and their representation in leadership roles.