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Expanding Horizons

The word ‘standstill’ does not feature in our management’s vocabulary. It is a growing industry and we intend to grow with it. With an ever-bright future in mind, we are currently working towards the acquisition of new state-of-the-art vessels and barges.

Fleet Expansion

By November 2013


  • Selling obsolete and old vessels.
  • New build vessels with cutting edge technology and meets market requirements.
  • Decreasing fleet average age (Avg. age decreased from22.5 years to 16 years as of 2014 and expected to be 15 in 2015).
  • Considering diversity and future market trends in new build plan.


By June 2012

DLB 1600 – one of the biggest barges in the world

We received on June 2012, one of the largest (3,800 square meters) and most technologically advanced pipe-lay construction/accommodation/work barges in the world. The DLB 1600 is designed with a lifting capacity of 1,600 tons and has accommodation for 300 experts, engineers and divers. We consider this an important milestone in assuring the company’s continued competitiveness.

By November 2011

We received all our newly built 15 OSV, with higher capabilities able to expand the horizons of the deep water exploration. The horse power of these Vessels varies between 5150 BHP and 13284 BHP.

We are continuously increasing our crews and personnel to meet our growth and aim to conquer new markets in deeper sea to become the world’s market leader in integrated marine and offshore oil services